Monday, April 23, 2012

Root canal anyone?

It has been an interesting day so far, not at all what I had anticipated.

As today got closer I became more anxious. My root canal was scheduled for this morning at 11:30. To say I was nervous would be a slight exaggeration. I tried to be calm; I took a 400 mg Advil caplet suggested for the jaw pain I get during dental appointments; I prayed to be calm. Then I remembered the herbal remedy I occasionally used years ago when I was singing in a group. My jangled nerves would mess me up so my voice teacher recommended Rescue Remedy. It worked amazingly well, so a quick dash to the healthfood store and I had a new little 10 ml bottle of it. A few drops on my tongue, and before I arrived at the dental office I felt much more relaxed.

I had been experiencing tooth pain for a few weeks, but waited it out since I had a scheduled cleaning and checkup of my teeth anyway. When that appointment came around in late March, it was determined that a root canal may be needed. My dentist sent me on to the specialist who does only root canals, and - I'm told - is very good at it, won't do anything that is not required, and is very gentle and careful. Okay, that sounded acceptable, so I went along to him a week later. After x-rays and checking my teeth he set up an appointment for me to have a root canal three weeks later, April 23. And because of my usual jaw pain he could do it in two sessions if it gets too difficult for me during the 1.5 hours it takes to be completely done.

This morning when the doctor talked to me about the situation that had brought me to him in the first place, and then checked my teeth again ... he found no reason to do the root canal! He said somehow everything had settled down and he would suggest we wait to see if it flares up again. Imagine that! 

I m a g i n e  that.

I'm thanking the Lord for this turn of events. If I do end up having to go through the procedure later then THAT will be the right time for it. Today was not to be the day.

God answered prayer in a way I certainly didn't expect. He knows my heart and concerns, He knows just what I need, and He chose to answer this way this time.

The funny thing is -- when I spoke with a pharmacist this morning she said, "Have a good day." When I, an hour later, make the quick stop at the healthfood store the lady on cash said, "Have a good day." Then when I was about to leave the specialist's office an hour after that, the receptionist said, "Have a good day."  That time I said, "YES! Thank you! THIS is a good day."  :)

It is a good day because I didn't have to face today something that distressed me. But even if I did, it would still be a good day because the Lord is with me. My circumstances may not be quite what I would like, but the Lord is with me. Even when things go all wrong, my true Rescuer - whose love does not change - NEVER leaves me. Now THAT makes a good day. 

Thanks for reading, and ... Blessings on your day! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

New life for an old blog?

Life changes. Things happen unexpectedly ... or don't happen the way you want them. Change brings about change.

So it goes with this blog. Changes in my life have meant that my original intentions for my first blog have been, on the most part, abandoned. In my writing pursuit I moved to another blogging site, one where I have more compatibility. But, I have not forgotten this one entirely, nor have I wanted to delete it. My hope is that I can revive it, if only in part. 

Actually, this is where my enjoyment of blogging began. This is where I discovered that I have something to say, to share, if only occasionally. Not that many people have noticed me here, but that's okay, I started in Blogspot and for that I am thankful.

I have often thought that I would like to write more from my faith, perhaps that is what I will do here. Or perhaps I will write about a variety of things ... which is pretty much what I was doing before. Although, when I timidly began my venture into the blogging world, this blog was as an aside or an aid to the business I was setting up, but which now has been set aside by necessity. Once again I was reminded that one cannot do everything. But, it could be that I can bring about new life for this old blog, which could be fun.

Now I must get back to work on a story I am writing .. a rough draft of a manuscript so that I can say I got one done this month for the writing challenge I have taken on.

I hope you will let me know you have read this.

Thanks for reading, and .. Blessings on your day! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Giveaway

Just a heads-up for you. 
If you go to my other blog at and look in the March postings you will find the most recent book review, author interview and book giveaway.  The book is Snow Day by Billy Coffey, and the draw for a copy is on April 8, 2011. I enjoyed this book which has a faith based flavour to it in a way that encourages its readers to look beyond their circumstances.

If you also have read this book, what do you think of it?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New year, No tax, Book Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

Here we are already into the second month of a new year - 2011 - can you believe it?  It seems such a short time ago that we were all anxiously, curiously waiting to see what would happen, if anything, with the ushering in of 2000 and then 2001. Time has sped on and now we are even into another new decade. Life goes on, although the earth is certainly groaning in these days.  Currently the alarm is with regard to 2012, which is not far off.  Am I worried?  Not really.  Are you?  I believe it is all in Who you know.

Today I want to inform you that I made a change in my business, effective January 1, 2011.  I no longer have to collect tax, which means my customers no longer have to pay tax on the items they purchase from me.  Gotta love that!  :)
As I mentioned in my last post, I have not done much posting here lately but I would be delighted if you would visit me at my other blog where I am giving away a book on February 14 to someone who posts a comment. .

Because of the above activity and the fact that I am only one person trying to do it all - the business side of life is hovering, but if there is anything you have questions about on my site - - please contact me. 

As for this blog, you will find that I added a few widgets to my page here for your interest.  We now have a calendar, plus This Day In History, and Today's Birthday - both of which I personally find very informative.  I hope you will stop by often to check what fascinating information comes up each day.

Thanks for reading, and ... Blessings on your day!  :)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Absent but Busy - Another Location

Hello Friends! 

If you have been checking here now and again you will be aware that I have not posted on this blog for several months.  Things have a way of changing, as you know.  I had the nearest thing to a computer crash in the Spring -- didn't lose everything but enough to really set me back.  That and some other things changed my course so now ...

You can find me posting at regularly.  I am not giving up entirely on this blog, but the business side of my life has taken a back seat and you can find what's keeping me busy by going to my other blog.  When I hit a wall in one thing I move on to another, coming back to the former at a later date.  This is probably what will happen with this blog as well.  

I apologize to you who have been watching for something new here.  I hope you will check out the other blog.  
Thanks for reading, and ... Blessings on your day! 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

evolution of dance

This is an unusual post for me but I thought you might enjoy this video that my daughter sent me.  It is a link on YouTube and enjoyable, funny and worth watching more than once. 

So, check this video out -- Evolution of Dance. 

and Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and ... Blessings on your day!  :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pilates, publishing & rejuvenation

How did March get here so quickly? The great thing is that Spring is coming too, gotta love that! Time for rejuvenation!

I set a goal for myself in December '09 to read more this year. So far I have kept up that decision, having completed 22 books so far, children's books included in that list. I enjoy reading. I like to write. In my opinion, reading broadens one's horizons, either in understanding more of the world around us on so many levels or in increasing one's ideas for stories - or both.

February 15 I heard from a publisher interested in my children's picture book. Exciting news! We discussed it at length, but after much thought, prayer, and discussion with my husband, I decided against publishing with them since they are the type of publisher whom the writer has to pay for printing of his/her book. That, combined with having to do much of my own promoting and sales, added up to too much for me. I know I would not be able to keep at it effectively in order to sell all my books to make a profit. It was disappointing to have to say no thank you, but I realized that that approach is not for me. It is fine for some people, though, and this publisher would be great to work with judging by our communications. Her goal is to help new and yet unpublished authors get published. But, oh well, perhaps waiting will pay off for me at some point down the road.

Now I am working on Valley Sunshine publication again, and then it is back to business on the website. And I do plan to squeeze some story writing into my time somewhere, too.

On March 1 I decided to start doing Pilates again - you know the exercise program? - to get more fit. Not going for my daily walks in the winter is not a good thing for me. I got off to a great beginning yesterday doing the 20 minute workout, but when I moved to get out of bed this morning I discovered my abs - which I had not thought much about until then.  owwww  :)  I guess it's working already! I will continue with the workout as long as I can. Tomorrow morning could be quite interesting, though, since we have our grandson overnight tonight. I wonder if he will join in or just sit back and giggle at Grandma.

So ... What do you do for exercise?  and ... How do you spend your 'rejuvenating time'?

Thanks for reading, and ... Blessings on your day!  :)